Oriental Hotels & Resorts: A Collection of 14 Distinctive Properties Across Japan, Experience the Local Splendor of Japan Through Unique Stays

2024/3/25 12:41:22

Embark on a Culinary and Comfort Journey with Our Renovated Hotels and Restaurants in Okinawa, Kobe, and Chiba

TOKYO, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Located in the Ebisu neighborhood of Tokyo's Shibuya ward, Hotel Management Japan, under the direction of COO Junichi Araki, operates a diverse portfolio of 21 properties across Japan. It includes 14 Oriental Hotel and Hotel Oriental Express brand properties ( collectively marketed as Oriental Hotels & Resorts (https://www.oriental-). The group is on a mission to redefine guest experiences, aiming to create hotels that are not merely places to stay but destinations that contribute to and integrate with the local community's tourism fabric.

"Make Your Story Beautiful," the brand's guiding principle, reflects Oriental Hotels & Resorts' commitment to placing their properties in unique locales that offer guests more than just a place to sleep. These hotels strive to create lasting memories by delivering experiences that resonate on a personal level, enriched by a deep sense of connection to the location. The year 2023 saw extensive renovations in their Okinawa, Kobe, and Chiba hotels, with guest rooms and restaurants receiving significant updates to provide new perspectives and experiences.

As global travel norms stabilize and the allure of unfettered exploration returns, Oriental Hotels & Resorts is poised to play a pivotal role in enriching the travel experiences of those venturing into Japan, promising stays that are as meaningful as they are memorable.



Elegance Redefined: The Trio of Hotels Debuts Their Exquisitely Refurbished Facilities


  • Discover Yambaru from Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa

Perched at the gateway to Yambaru, one of Okinawa's treasures and a UNESCO World Heritage Site as of 2021, Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa stands as an idyllic base for explorers. The resort is perfectly positioned in the northern reaches of Okinawa's main island, offering guests direct access to this enchanting region. All guest rooms boast ocean views and spacious layouts starting from 474 square feet (44m2), ensuring a stay marked by luxury and comfort. Among its many amenities, the resort features one of Okinawa's largest garden pools, part of which are heated for all-season enjoyment. 

After extensive renovations, the hotel has unveiled a new era of hospitality, positioning itself as the perfect spot for guests to immerse themselves in the diverse attractions of Okinawa, from its pristine beaches to the lush Yambaru forest. A highlight of the renovation is the new Club Lounge, a bright, welcoming space within the lobby reserved for guests staying in Club Rooms and Suites. The lounge offers a semi-buffet breakfast with a variety of dishes, including freshly made egg dishes, and provides an elegant setting for enjoying Aperitif Time which offers a selection of wines, beers, and local liquors accompanied by light snacks. Dedicated staff are at your beck and call from breakfast through bedtime, ensuring every moment is relaxed and carefree.

Each room is a sanctuary of relaxation, featuring an open-air terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the stunning Okinawan landscape inside. The ever-changing vista, combined with the island's radiant sunshine, promises an unforgettable and serene experience for every guest. 

- KOBE -

  • A Gourmet Retreat with the Finest Kobe Beef

At Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, a resort haven cradled by the sea on three sides, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the gourmet city of Kobe. This destination offers an unparalleled sensory experience combining breathtaking views of Kobe's port city with the gentle caress of sea breezes and the melodic sounds of passing ships. Each guest room features a balcony that presents a mesmerizing view of the shimmering sea and the city's ever-evolving nightscape reminiscent of an elegant cruise.

Dining at the hotel is a journey through Kobe's unique flavors with four restaurants showcasing the city's scenic beauty and culinary excellence. The VIEW BAR, perched on the hotel's top floor, offers a panoramic city view for guests to enjoy with their drinks. Meanwhile, the ORIENTAL steakhouse delights with its Kobe beef and gourmet offerings, all set against the backdrop of the harbor. This blend of exquisite dining and scenic views ensures an excellent stay in Kobe.

The guest rooms and restaurant have been transformed following a comprehensive refurbishment in 2023. Inspired by the elements of light and wind, the rooms now boast a bright and luxurious ambiance. The redesigned restaurant, with its ocean vistas, now echoes the elegance of a cruise ship dining room, further enhancing the resort experience. Highlighting its innovative culinary approach, the restaurant Terrace & Dining ALL FLAGS features Kobe's first buffet to have a live churrasco kitchen where chefs prepare and serve food right in front of the guests for a thrilling dining experience. With a focus on global cuisines, it caters to diverse tastes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages and backgrounds. 


  • Chiba's Gateway to Magic: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

Discover Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, a Tokyo Disney Resort® Official Partner Hotel, boasting direct access from the North Exit of Shin-Urayasu Station. Just a single station away (a quick 3-minute ride) and a mere 15 minutes by complimentary shuttle from Tokyo Disney Resort®, this hotel is a favorite among those seeking the thrill of the theme parks with the convenience of city access.

In 2023, the hotel's guest rooms and restaurant were elegantly refurbished, adopting a design inspired by the Provencal blue of the Mediterranean and enriched with gold accents to create an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility. The thoughtful design extends to a welcoming entrance area in each room, encouraging guests to unwind in comfort. Modern conveniences are not overlooked as rooms are equipped with "ReFa" brand fine bubble shower heads, hair dryers, and hair irons, as well as the hotel's signature "ORIENTALIST" amenities.

Dining at the hotel is an experience in itself, with live cooking stations where chefs dazzle guests with teppanyaki, tempura, nigiri sushi, and even the classic Mont Blanc dessert. The Kids' Corner ensures a family-friendly dining experience, offering beloved treats like hash browns, fried chicken, and fried shrimp. It's a culinary celebration designed to delight guests of all ages and backgrounds, making every meal a memorable part of your stay.

Make your vacation unforgettable with a stay at an Oriental Hotels & Resorts property this year.

About Oriental Hotels & Resorts

Oriental Hotels & Resorts, operated by Hotel Management Japan, is distinguished by its dedication to providing guests with unique and memorable lodging experiences. The group is made up of 14 Oriental Hotel and Hotel Oriental Express properties totaling 3,940 guest rooms. The brand's ethos focuses on creating distinctive stay experiences and fostering hotels that become integral parts of the local community, serving as tourist destinations in their own right.

The CLUB ORIENTAL loyalty program is an added advantage for guests, offering attractive benefits and exclusive plans to enhance the guest experience without any admission or membership fees.

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About Hotel Management Japan

With a robust portfolio of 21 hotels totaling 6,390 guest rooms and a workforce of 2,560 employees, Hotel Management Japan, Co., Ltd. is a leading entity in Japan's hotel management sector. Hotel Management Japan is dedicated to the operation and management of a diverse range of hotels, including its proprietary brands, Oriental Hotel and Hotel Oriental Express, as well as international brands Holiday Inn, Hilton, Sheraton, and Hotel Nikko, showcasing its expansive reach in the hospitality industry.